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Default Re: Does Durant Have the Potential to Become the GOAT?

Originally Posted by knicksman
actually durant is as good as 96 MJ that won 72 games. Just look at their stats and advanced stats. They are almost the same 124 off rtg and .3 win shares. Mj only averaged 4.3 apg same with durant coz they both doesnt give a **** about stats and just play the best team ball of their careers. If only durant had pippen and a defensive anchor like rodman instead of dumbass westbrook and perkins, he couldve started winning last year. Give durant dirks supporting casts of kidd and chandler and im sure he wins. Theres a reason why at the same age, durant had more success than lebron coz hes the more impactful player despite the stats. Its the same reason why jordan was a loser in his early years despite the stats same with oscar robertson. Durant just hasnt a complete team yet. Too bad they traded harden, I think harden can settle as a 2nd option and play like penny next to durant.
Yes and you are an idiot
Durant can win next 6 rings and 6MVPs he still wouldnt be GOAT.He doesnt impact the game like other top 10 players
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