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Default Mysterious Death of Elisa Lam

Anyone been following this story? Reminds me of the movie Dark Water.

LOS ANGELES (KTLA) — The Canadian woman last seen at a downtown hotel nearly three weeks ago was found dead in a water tank at the top of the building Tuesday, the Los Angeles Times is reporting.

The Times
says a worker at the Cecil Hotel on Main Street discovered the body of Elisa Lam, 21, about 10 a.m. while responding to a complaint about low water pressure, sources said.

Elisa Lam of Vancouver, British Columbia was last seen at the Cecil Hotel on 640 S. Main Street January 31.

Lam, who was traveling alone, had been in contact with her parents daily until her disappearance.

Lam's body was found in one of four tanks that supply the hotel with water.

The location is being treated as a crime scene but sources familiar with the case said it was too early to tell whether Lam was the victim of foul play.

Lam, of Vancouver, Canada, arrived in Los Angeles on
Jan. 26 and was last seen Jan. 31 at the Cecil Hotel at 640 S. Main St, police said.

Lam's final destination was believed to be Santa Cruz; her reasons for visiting California were unclear.

Weird elevator footage before her disappearance: She was acting really strange.. as if someone or something was chasing her.

3 weeks later she's found in the water tank of the hotel?!?! Guests have been drinking / showering from the water tank that her body has been decomposing in.

Guests also reported that the water tasted "funny". They also said that black water came out of the shower in the first 2 seconds.

Couple questions that come to my mind from watching that video:

1. Who the hell was she talking to?!?!
2. Was she on drugs?!?
3. How come the elevator doors won't close?!?!
4. How did she or the murderer have access to the roof?
5. The water towers are 10 feet high. You would need a ladder to get up there. Was it an employee that murdered her?
6. Why was she staying in that hotel by herself?!



Weird Google Street view picture of hotel

From Expedia:

Someone from Vancouver posted a comment on Feb. 13th saying that the elevators in the hotel were not working!

as everyone suggested in the previous posts, the hotel room is awful, the smallest bed room i have ever seem. the private bathroom is small too, you have to put your jaw into the sink when you sit right front on the toilet. the elevator in the hotel had been down for couple of hours in one day.the "free" breakfast need you pay some tips too.
On the other hand, the location are not as bad as been told, yes, there are many African-american homeless-like guys hugging around the area, but it is still safe enough to walk around at night to take transportation or go buy some supplies.

Creepy Fact: TB ourbreak in the same area:

Name of test for tuberculosis? LAM ELISA.

Elisa Lam's decomposing body in a water supply on Skid Row.
Tuberculosis outbreak in Skid Row.
Test to determine TB: Lam Elisa

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