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Default Re: Does Durant Have the Potential to Become the GOAT?

Originally Posted by B4llin
If Durant won the championship last year, would he have potential to be GOAT?
i mean he was fighting a loosing battle for **** sake against the ****ing heatles and the nba's golden boy who had failed his whole career. so getting that close to winning a ship at 24 against Lebron of coarse he has the potential to be GOAT


/end DuRANT


If Durant already had a ring his stans would be out of control already. ALthough Westbrook seems to generate far more stans. If Durant got like 5 titles all with OKC and like 5+ scoring titles and a couple MVPs, he'd be in the conversation. Plus 7+ years scoring 30+/ thts probably never been done before except maybe Wilt. That would be a realstrong resume

Highly unlikely, but if LBJ had started his career like this, he'd have probably aready been higher all time
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