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Default Re: Tony Parker is the "Best Point Guard In The Game"

Originally Posted by bdreason
This year, he is the best PG in the NBA. Considering how many great PG's there are in the league... that's quite the compliment.

And last year.

But THIS...people have to realize Charles gets a little carried away. He'd tell you straight up he would take Paul over Parker, but what can you say when Parker has not only been better over these two years but has been better in each of these two years? Paul is still the better player but Parker is flat out playing better.

People can bash on Rondo all they want and it's easy to when Rivers messes with his game and when you don't pay attention to how his game actually developed, but Rondo still merits inclusion and these 3 should be ranked above the rest. Deron is down and hasn't accomplished what the others have either...Rose has a year and a half of play and has missed all of this season and almost half of last. Westbrook is great but he hasn't been better than any of these guys. Nash has missed the playoffs two years in a row and he's on a new team and is marginalized...these 3 should stand above right now and, with Rondo out, Paul and Parker reign supreme.

The argument for Irving is hilarious.
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