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Default Re: Bold Prediction: Tony Parkers gets MVP this year

Truth of the matter is that he gets closer and closer to Durant by the day. I obviously know Durant is a great great player and I've argued him for MVP for maybe half the season (went back and forth with him and Lebron early, then Melo was in the discussion), but with some time to think it over, his last few weeks have been underwhelming. His PPG have gone up but his defense has gone down and his team play has gone down. He's always gotten calls but this last month has been an abomination and I argued that before I even pulled out of arguing him for MVP. And then I come to realize that OKC is on a 3 game losing streak and haven't been as great an early bad streak they had last year, I didn't even realize and it ends up correlating with his more recent play.

He's not the MVP but he's up there. He's missed 3 games this season, so I don't know what various times they've done just fine without him. Why don't people take Popovich's system into consideration when they slurp post 2004 Duncan?
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