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Default Re: Tony Parker 2012-2013 MVP

Originally Posted by SCdac
He's averaging 21 ppg for the Spurs, and like 27 ppg this month... I definitely appreciate that.

5 years ago he averaged 24-25 ppg for a couple months... appreciated that too.

6-7 years ago he had a month where he averaged .57 FG% from the field... that was amazing.

In 2005 he averaged 20+ ppg against the Suns in the playoffs and the Spurs needed that... definitely appreciative.

I'm glad he's on the Spurs and I'm glad he's helped them to 3 championships.

The point is, he's been doing his thing for a long time and not much as changed outside of pure experience and expertise of the game. He's become a much better passer and shooter, I'll give him that, but always been a scorer. If the Spurs were smart, they would sell him while his stock is high... because as is the Spurs are not serious contenders.

Rose is more important to his team because (at his best) he plays more, scores more, assists just as much for a slower team, rebounds more, gets to the line more, and meant more to the Bulls offense and defense than Parker does for SA. He scored 25% of the teams total points in 2011 which is impressive. I think impact on the game is debatable in that Parker has better teammates, a better coach, and plays less minutes.

All those years TD was the best Player. The team has Changed their style and now Tony is their Number one option.

To be honest I think your a Manu fan who does not like Parker due to all the Shine he takes away from your man.
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