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Default Re: Tony Parker 2012-2013 MVP

Originally Posted by SCdac
Chris Webber on TNT earlier called Tim Duncan "the Godfather" of the Spurs and as a long time fan I completely agree with that label. That was in response to an interview in which Parker still see's Duncan as the leader.

Even if Duncan is not as athletic as Dwight Howard, Joakim Noah, Carlos Boozer, or Serge Ibaka, unlike them he's undoubtedly the captain and heart of his respective team. It's about him and always has been, since 1997. Not just in name, but in his game. He's playing amazing this season, in really great shape and very confident in his jump shot.

In saying that, it's tough to consider Parker (or Manu when he plays MVP-level ball) an MVP of the league in it's truest sense. Parker went off for 31 tonight but it's different than a 31 point game from Lebron or Durant if you just watch the Spurs go to work, with all their pieces falling into place every game (Duncan, Manu, Splitter, Kawhi, etc).

As Parker just said in his post game interview, "it's the whole team. It's not just me".

Agree with pretty much everything but Bra Tony will get his MVP award because SPURS are Playing at a different level. So bottom line what Im trying to say is It dont matter what we think because the team with the Best Record will be receiving the MVP award and that will be SPURS.
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