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Default Re: Tony Parker 2012-2013 MVP

Originally Posted by ZaaaaaH
Agree with pretty much everything but Bra Tony will get his MVP award because SPURS are Playing at a different level. So bottom line what Im trying to say is It dont matter what we think because the team with the Best Record will be receiving the MVP award and that will be SPURS.

maybe he will bra, maybe he won't?

The Spurs were up 98-93 against the Heat with 2 minutes left in a game... with Duncan, Parker, and Ginobili not even playing

That's a testament to this team.

As for "different level", it's tough to differentiate from the last couple seasons in which the Spurs dominated the regular season. I agree, they are playing great right now. It's awesome to watch. They look with-it defensively as much as offense. Danny Green in particular has some of the most quiet impactful games I've ever seen of any player.

Originally Posted by ZaaaaaH
Tim Duncan Tonight 9pts and 5 reb 1 To 15mins Playing.

Tony is the Leader of this team now.

and Tony played 28 minutes, and Manu played 17... and the Spurs routed the Clips.

The game was a blowout, and Duncan was one of the reasons as well as Parker's relentless attacking (which he's been doing it for years).. some of Parkers assists went to Duncan on the perimeter and it takes that symbiotic relationship to be successful. Duncan's midrange shot is fire this season.

I'd say Tony is the best player on the Spurs (most valuable), but Duncan is the "heart" and leader, and Ginobili adds a certain fire that is not easy to quantify.
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