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Default Re: So I met Johnny Manziel today...

Originally Posted by D-Rose
Working at Subway as usual making subs...long ass line and I'm putting the toppings on and I see this chick that looks very familiar. I realize that "holy shit, that's Johnny Manziel's gf!!" and let me tell ya fellas....she's freaking gorgeous. Was wearing her tight ass gym clothes as well. She was super embarrassed and blushing when I said "sorry but...aren't you famous?" Was great but I was wishing it'd have been Johnny..

45 minutes or so later....

It's slow in the store and next guy in line....looks like Manziel!? Shit...So I get his toppings for him too and start talking to him about his season, what he's been up to, how the off season is going. Was a very cool guy, talked to me genuinely and listened to me as well. Asked him if I could take a pic with him and he accepted. Wished him the best of luck and shook his hand!!

Cool Story Bro!

Whip it out?
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