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Default Re: All-Time Never Made the All-Star Game Team

Originally Posted by L.Kizzle
Washed up Sabonis, not really.

Depends on the criteria you go by.
If you go for peaks (in the NBA), Sabonis makes it over Brian Grant. Grant was probably at his best that one year with the Heat, when he was dubbed mini-Zo. Sabonis in 97-98 tops that.

I like both guys, as ex Blazers, especially Grant, since he was a hard worker and seemed to be a great guy, but Sabonis had a better NBA peak. He was slightly better in all aspects except for rebounding maybe, since Grant was a workhorse... but even in that category it was close. Grant was a fan favorite and I like him more than Sabas, but going by NBA peaks, I'd go for Sabonis.. even when you go for career maybe..
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