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Default Re: Kenyon Martin is a Knick

Glen Grunwald is a joke. I hope he gets herpes in his ear lobe lol

Basically, this is what happened. The got rid of Brewer to create a roster spot for Jermaine O'neal. O'neal is old, but he's also still a very good rebounder (12, 13 and 13 over the last 3 games). So the Knicks did nothing all trade deadline and were licking their chops for the Suns to cut O'neal, as rumored, because they needed space for recently acquired Marcus Morris. But, the kick in the rear came when Pheonix cut Luke Zeller instead (which makes sense because O'neal is better). And there you have it. You cut a guy for a 2nd round pick who will never show up, to make a roster spot for a guy who you could have had the entire year. Now he's on a 10 day contract. It'll take him more than 10 days to get in basketball shape. Which means he'll probably be on our team for the rest of the year. So we cut a 27 year old to add yet another 35 and older player, effectively bringing out total to 6...and you want to blame Carmelo Anthony for the reason we're struggling lol
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