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Default Re: my top-5 players at each position

Originally Posted by NuggetsFan
Is Elvis Dumervil really a top 5 DE? I don't even think Bronco fans would get behind that. He's terrible at defending the run and felt like he got alot of his sacks at end of games this year when the game was out of reach. Guess he still finished with 11 sacks and had 6 forced fumbles, thanks to Rivers.

Kind of a one trick pony, who probably benefited alot from playing with Miller in that regard.

I'd take somebody like Pierre Paul, Chris Long, Mario Williams over him and I cheer for Denver
I'd definitely put Peppers, JPP and Chris Long over Elvis. Elvis is a rusher, nothing more, and a DE should be able to do more than rush the passer.

Chris Long is probably top 5, he's very underrated, maybe the most underrated DE in the league.
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