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Default Re: keep sleeping on the spurs

Originally Posted by ak47buffalo
The Spurs nearly made the NBA finals last season so I don't see why anyone would be surprised if they won the championship this season. They were close last season and have improved a bit this season so its certainly reasonable to suggest. Furthermore, one of their main competitors is weaker this season in the west.

I understand the Spurs are held to a higher standard then most NBA teams because they have won championships with the core of this roster in the past but its foolish to dismiss them outright simply because they haven't matched that success in a while. It's not like they have missed the playoffs the past few years or even done poorly in them. They are threat to win it all, even if they aren't outright favorites.

Umm... The Spurs outside of last season were knocked out of the first round my Memphis and swept by the Suns in the second round. Your statement is not entirely accurate. There were factors that lead to the losses (injuries, RJ sucking), but they were clearly not good series by SA.

But that was then and this is now. If the Spurs make it to the Finals they have a good chance, because, well, the Spurs have never lost in the Finals and I don't think they'd squander it... Unless Lebron goes all Lebron on everybody.

I agree that every contender has a "puncher's chance".
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