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Originally Posted by zmuda
i think they should keep j rich and murphy and dump dunleavy and davis. and are they gonna play these guys from the fish trade?
"I think they should only keep Richardson. They should trade Murphy, Dunleavy, Pietrus, and esp. Davis. They should rebuild and clear cap room. In the process they should look for all defensive players and a distributive pg who is always healthy and doesn't shoot 39% from the field. They should use Diogu as their 2nd scoring option behind Richardson, because Diogu is a possible 20 and 10 guy. Monta Ellis also played well and should get more minutes. He defended well and was versatile. They should limit his shot attempts, but that can be arranged. I know it was the end of the season, but they played better with the younger guys in and played with alot more energy and enthusiasm. The Fisher trade was excellent,because they got all expiring contracts in return. Fisher had a nice year, but was over paid. Yes, I think they should rebuild, because those core of players have been around together for a while and have nothing to show for it. They can save cap for the future and build a defensive team. They also launched too many threes when they were the worst 3 pt. shooting team in the league. How about trading for Andre Miller as your distributor? The rest should be traded for defensive players, expiring contracts, and maybe a few shooters.
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