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Default Re: Da'Quan Bowers arrested for attempting to bring gun on plane

Originally Posted by Jackass18
"Itís still not clear why Bowers took the gun with him to the airport, although the Tampa Bay Times is reporting that Bowers unwittingly traveled with it to New York and discovered it in his checked bag after he arrived. His girlfriend, the paper says, surprised him with the trip and they packed in a hurry."

Apparently, he forgot it was in there, then I guess looked into his bag at the airport, saw it was in there and then alerted the people at the check-in counter that he was carrying a gun.

People are so quick to judge these days without hearing any of the details.

"Holy crap. What a moron for bring a loaded gun into an airport."

OBVIOUSLY it was a mistake and he handled the situation perfectly (aside from the forgetting about it part). I don't blame him for anything. He's a pro athlete. Most pro athletes have weapons for protection. I can understand him forgetting to unload it if he had to pack for a hurry. He didn't do a dumb thing and try to sneak it by. That would've been stupid. When he realized he had it packed, he alerted the right people...and this was BEFORE security. ALSO, his gun wasn't even loaded. His gun and clip were just in the same bag, and under NY's strict gun laws, that's "considered" loaded.

I read somewhere that this exact thing happens quite frequently in NY airports. It was an honest mistake. DQ doesn't have any history of violence. He's a freakin' guitar player in a gospel band in the offseason lol.

Hopefully he'll just do some community service. If he lands one day in jail, it'll be a joke.
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