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Default Re: 2012/2013 Official Game Comments Thread

Originally Posted by ClutchOver9000
Woody has been exposed as a "defensively focused" coach who is clueless on offense. The Knicks version of Rex Ryan. The polar opposite of Pringles. His reputation from his ATL days get seemingly valid each and every game in this horrible stretch.

The roster which was once thought to be a formidable one is in fact shitty, and the flaws of the roster have been exposed. Such a poorly assembled team. Subpar guard play, a bunch of non-producing AARP members, and a superstar duo that isn't the least bit complimentary

The FO has been exposed (well not really they've always sucked).

And to think I thought this team was ready to do some damage. Smh at myself, always hopeful yet always let down.

Now as I say this watch the Knicks get to the ECF

Actually, Rex Ryan is a great defensive X's and O's guy. He just refuses to force his GM to get the personnel to get the job done.

I think the Melo and Amare thing is overblown. They seem fine together IMHO. Im not that into +/- like some of you guys but Amare was +3 and he played a lot with Melo. Chandler was -12. Chandler had some nice blocks yesterday and I think people unfairly blamed him for that Lowry shot. That was good defense. Lowry just made a tough shot. That being said, on offense, Chandler can't catch anything but colds. Dude just has butter fingers. Overall though, he played well.

Damn the playoffs. The key to us finally just ending this losing streak is Mike Woodson ending his love affair with small ball and more importantly with Jason Kidd. If he choses to continue to be stuck on stupid and start this guy, we have no chance. Shumpert will continue to struggle because he yanks him way too soon. He and JR will be playing out of position still. We'll be playing 4 on 5 on offense because, like yesterday, he'll be passing up quality shots we worked hard for (he cost us the gam yesterday passing up wide open 3's).

You cannot be this stubborn and expect to win. Small ball isn't working. Jason Kidd isn't contributing ANYTHING to your team. Don't let the steal stats fool you. Last night, of Toronto's first 15 points, 9 of them were scored on Kidd.

At this point, Prigioni is outplaying Kidd and has been for a while now. Woodson even suggested replacing Kidd with Prigioni some games back. Kidd's play has been downhill ever since so I don't get how he is still in the starting lineup. He's by far the worst starting shooting guard in the league. He's terrible and if Woody keeps starting him, he's just showing, as with Rex Ryan with Eric Smith, that he'd rather play him and prove a point than do what's best for the team to succeed. This is on Woodson!
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