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Default Re: Midseason Adjustments

Originally Posted by tamaraw08
Metta's 3 pt shots have been misfiring after November where he shot a flukish 37.5% from that erea.
Dec, he shot 35%, Jan, 34% and this month, 27% so take away that November stat and....
What is disturbing is Metta is 6th in the league in most 3pts attempts , 6 shots per game is waaay too high for a player who is averaging 34% from the field.
The top 24 players with most attempts and I found ONE player who shoots worst, you know who it is?
Kobe freaking Bryant at 32%, atleast he took 100 shots less.
Again, this is one of my biggest complaints on their offense, the guys with the lowest FG% from the 3pt area are taking the most attempts. These 2 are combining to take 11 3-pt shots/game, making 3.7 and its not like they are just struggling and that they have shot 38% in their career
Clark is hitting 37.5%, Meeks struggled in the first 2-3 months has upped his ave. to 37.6%, Nash at 42%, Blake at 39%.
Lakers is 3rd in most 3pt attempts and yet they are just 18th in 3pt FG%.
btw, you are right, he is not shutting down anybody too. so what is his main role for the team?

You are on the money Tam, but 2 things to consider.....the guys who take the fewest are spot up shooters who can't create their own shots from 3 or are unwilling to take a bunch of shots.......and the offense is set up to take a ton of 3's. Do you really think a guy like Blake could even get off 6 3's a game if an opponent knew he takes that many? No, he needs to be wide open.

Like dd24's about this terrible system and philosophy we are stuck with that doesn't work.

L.A Jazz, yeah I'd bet anyone that Kobe is going to do everything in his power to get the team into the playoffs.....he's Kobe But I don't think we'll get there.

The sad thing would be for us to miss the playoffs and then Phoenix gets the #1 pick in the draft with the pick they got from us
It could really happen.
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