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Default Re: Lebron wouldnt average this high FG % On another team

Originally Posted by DonDadda59
The Lakers this year are more stacked than the Heat. Miami doesn't even have a real center, unless you count Birdman who's only played a few games and comes off the bench for limited minutes.

How many games has LA's starting 5 played together? They've been injured all throughout the season.

And what you seem to forget is that the HEATs best players are all in their prime.. While the Lakers have a 34 year old Kobe a 39 year old Nash, 31 year old gasol who's been on the decline for 2 years & a prime Howard coming off major back surgery which is obviously limiting him.

If this was a 27 year old Kobe a 28 year old Gasol and a 32 year old Nash with a 2009 artest then you might have a point.

But to say that an La team who's 1st & 3rd best player wont even be in the league in 2 years is more stacked than a team which features 2 top 10 players still in their primes is just.. Dumb.
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