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Default Re: Kenyon Martin is a Knick

Originally Posted by franchize
I would have rathered Jermaine over Kenyon for many reasons. One being because he's already in game shape. That being said, I'm not even mad we got Kenyon Martin. Just like wth the Camby acquisition, it isn't about what we did, it' about HOW we did it. This move could have been done in January. After December, Martin and his agent knows damn well he's not going to get anything more than the vet min.

OKC has no intention on using Brewer. They just wanted the roster spot and expiring contract. We could have gotten rid of Kurt Thomas to some team. Even at his worst, Brewer bring more to the table than Thomas.
How could you have done this in January? You speak often like things just can happen because its Fantasy basketball
So you would have given up the only other healthy big behind Stat and Chandler even though Stat was just coming back from injury not knowing if he would stay healthy? Thats a big ball move.
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