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Default Re: Should the league just give up now? No one can beat the Heat.

Originally Posted by Clifton
I too am struck by how *beatable* the Heat actually are.

They're like the Spurs. The Spurs have the best record in the L come playoff time every year it seems. Yet nobody actually favors them over the Thunder. The Heat are beating up on today's weak league by getting a lot of fastbreaks and Lebron never has to take any shots outside of the paint and it all looks so easy... but guess what... a 7 game series with the Pacers is not going to be that easy. This is not a team that has consistently responded well to challenges. They did often enough last year to get the title, beating an old and battered Celtics team barely in 7 games, and an inexperienced Thunder team whose core was all under 24. (And that series could have gone a lot differently too if not for a fairly egregious no-call.) The Heat can lose to anyone good.

I think they'll just pull out another title, but it won't be a breeze. No way.

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