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Default Re: Should the league just give up now? No one can beat the Heat.

Originally Posted by jrong
How they were assembled matters. This team was not built through the draft or trades or even the normal process of free agency.

This was a case where the top three players in a free agent bonanza year were guilty of collusion. And for two of them, it was tantamount to if, in the 80s, two out of three among Jordan/Johnson/Bird had decided to team up, because the Heat inarguably had two of the best three players in the world when they formed.

This. The difference is that the dynasty Celtics, Lakers and Bulls great teams (as well as every other great teams) were all built through the draft and-or luring in veteran players through free agency.

What we have with the Heat is 3 superstar players who are all in their prime that colluded to come together on the same team.
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