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Default Re: Should the league just give up now? No one can beat the Heat.

Originally Posted by Ne 1
What we have with the Heat is 3 superstar players who are all in their prime that colluded to come together on the same team.

And every single superstar of the 3 you mentioned gave 7 years to a franchise he was drafted by. And only Miami from 05 and on was able to put contender pieces around Wade. From 08 and on even Wade was in the same situation as Lebron and Bosh were throughout their entire careers, teams they were drafted by couldn't make a true contender for several years. It's not like Lebron or Bosh left their teams after 2 or 3 years when things weren't going their way. They both gave 7 years to their franchises.

And people saying that stacked Lakers teams, Celtics,..were made through drafts. Why do you think it is so important how the team was made? Is NBA some kind of moral, honest business? No.... At the end of the day what matters, when saying one team is too stacked, is what can those 15 players do on the court. And certainly not how the team was assembled.

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