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Default Re: Lebron+wade= 1, Jordan+pippen=6, magic+kareem=5, Kobe+pau= 2

Originally Posted by Yao Ming's Foot
Jordan's teammates shot 59% in Game 6.
Kobe's teammates shot 36% in Game 7.

Jordan had 2 rebounds+Assists in Game 6.
Kobe had 17 Rebounds+Assists in Game 7.

Yeah clearly it was Kobe who had all the help not Jordan.

Do you ever watch games or just read box scores? Jordan took over half of his team's shots and scored over half their points for a reason. There is arguably no closer situation to a player singlehandedly willing his team to a victory then that, and there's nothing in Kobe's Finals career that even comes close to that and definitely not that game 7 where other players were hitting the bigger shots.

Where is this revisionist history coming from? No one in their right mind was saying Kobe singlehandedly willed that team to victory in game 7 or any of those games in general. In fact, after game 7, the general feeling was that his teammates bailed him out. Kobe even said his teammates really came through for him that night and made up for what he was lacking. What world were you living in during that time ?

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