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Default Re: Lebron+wade= 1, Jordan+pippen=6, magic+kareem=5, Kobe+pau= 2

Originally Posted by guy
I'm not losing shit cause I'm not the one thats continuously making up history.

This is what you said:

Bynum wasn't healthy for either title run. What team was more stacked? The Celtics. Their bigs were just as good as the Lakers leaving Kobe to will his team to victory over Ray Allen, Rondo and Paul Pierce while having some of the worst backcourt support in the entire league.

You said Kobe was willing his team to victory. If you're just talking about strictly backcourt, then what the **** does that even mean? There's 5 players on the court. He's not singlehandedly willing his team to anything if other players are stepping up as well. And even if you can somehow just restrict it to the backcourt, 2 of the games they won were blowouts. Game 3 it was Derek Fisher who closed out that game going 5-7 in the 4th while Kobe went a disgusting 1-6. If you're including Paul Pierce then I'm assuming you should also be including Ron Artest, who arguably was the best player in game 7 and hit the biggest shot. So no matter how you look at it, Kobe in no shape or form willed his team singlehandedly to anything vs. the Celtics.

The Jordan example was just an example. And its not mythology. Thats what people were saying and what the general feeling was. That he singlehandedly willed his team to victory that night, unlike Kobe in game 7 vs. the Celtics which was like the exact opposite .

See once again you are arguing against yourself. Pau Gasol was the best player 3 posts ago for Game 7 and now its Ron Artest. As I said before my comments are not in reference to extreme limited subsets of games that you cling to (non blowout games, last 6 shots for Fisher of one game , last 1 one shot for Artest of another). Ron Artest and Derick Fisher were 13 for 42 (31%) from 3 in the Finals. Artest shot an amazing 7 for 18 in Game 7. Name a player who won a title recently with worse backcourt support.

The disconnect between what people "say" and "feel" and the evidence that's left behind is the definition of mythology.
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