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Default Re: Lebron+wade= 1, Jordan+pippen=6, magic+kareem=5, Kobe+pau= 2

Originally Posted by raptorfan_dr07
Derek Fisher shot 45% from the field and 36% from 3 in 2010 playoffs. Kobe by comparison, shot 46% from the field and 37% from 3.

Pau Gasol in Game 7: 38% shooting
Ron Artest in Game 7: 39% shooting
Derek Fisher in Game 7: 67% shooting

Kobe Bryant in Game 7: 25%

They all shot significantly better than him in Game 7. Kobe choked plain and simple. He had his shot at imposing his will in legendary fashion against the Lakers most hated opponent in the biggest game of the season and he choked. Luckily for him, his teammates came through.

And Gasol outplayed KG in the 2010 Finals.

Kobe's disastrous Game 7

6-24 = 25.0%

His amazing teammates who carried the load

21-59= 35.6%

10.6% gap

Jordan heroically leading his team to victory single-handedly in Game 6

15-35= 42.9%

His scrub teammates

19-32= 59.4%

16.5% gap

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