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Default Re: 2012/2013 Official Game Comments Thread

The entire starting lineup can use some shooting drills.

And if they aren't gonna work on their threes, they need to stop shooting them, and this goes for every body.

Kidd is shooting below 25% on threes in his last five....down from 50% early.

Melo is shooting 24% in his last five games...down from 46% early.

Felton is at 17% in his last five.....down from around 37% early.

Shump is at 12% in his last five.

This is our starting lineups 3pt shooting, and they should all be embarassed, but nope, they keep firing away.

But they all had positives last night.

Tyson got his center work on, and i was highly impressed with his standing up job.

Melo was able to draw some serious fouls, season high actually... last night which was good to offset his 6-18 shooting, and absurd amount of turnovers.

Kidd was able to grab 9 rebounds, so that was a huge help.

I liked Felton being able to push the tempo to get some easier scores.

The had energy and purpose, but just couldn't shoot a lick.

The played very well, especially Amare, and i was glad to see JR had a good game and did alot of things on the court in a positive way.

But i can't say it enough....all these guys need to hit the gym and work on their threes, especially if they are gonna take so many.
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