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Default Re: Brooklyn Nets 2012-2013 Post Game Thread

Originally Posted by niko
My 2 cents.
1) Brooks was awful. See rant above. He also had possessions down the stretch he was "iso marshon" which went nowhere and hurt the Nets.
2) They can't score down the stretch but they sit Lopez. Blatche had that ONE game down the stretch he was kicking ass, other than that he scores in these little flurries. Lopez is more consistent as a post threat. Him not playing in games they are losing down the stretch is confusing to me.
3) In a game where you really had to clobber people to get fouls the strategy of sending limping Deron down the lane to draw contact in a tie game (not even down where the refs would be more likely to make calls) was puzzling.
Number two is totally inaccurate for this reason. Brook Lopez is too dumb and slow to guard Marc Gasol. As PJ pointed out, Marc killed Brook from the opening tip in both games. Right when Brook went out and we had a different player on Marc, we made a comeback. Brook Lopez needs to start understanding scouting reports better and stop sucking on pick and roll defense. Reggie Evans, Mirza and Blatche are 100x better than him on pick and roll defense.

Number one is true and for number three, we are only debating this because Deron didn't get the foul called. I though there was enough contact for a foul and it was a 60/40 call. If Deron goes to the line and puts us up by two and we win, you never write number three. But as you and I said, Marshon doesn't have to wonder why he doesn't play. Like WTF is the damn ball in his hands with under a minute to go. Especially after he's missed four straight shots.
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