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Default Re: How crazy was Christopher Dorner?

Originally Posted by Joshumitsu
There are reports that the guy was a f*ck up from Day 1. His first day at the Academy, he failed to follow directions and negligently discharged his weapon.

I'm not sure that happened day 1, but he did shoot himself in the hand and was kicked out of that academy class and graduated with a different academy class.

He also was written up by Evans for approaching a suspect known to be armed without taking cover which violates procedure. One of the things she mentioned about him was poor judgement.

Originally Posted by Patrick Chewing
I'm not convinced this guy even existed lol. No interviews with relatives?

His mother and his sister issued a statement apologizing to his victims and also asking that their privacy be respected.

He was married for all of one month and his ex-wife doesn't want to be associated with him at all.

He mentioned in his manifesto that his family basically turned on him and he blames the LAPD for that.
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