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Default Re: How crazy was Christopher Dorner?

Originally Posted by Rasheed1
really.... I dont see what the surprise was.. He worked and lived in the f*cked up environment that is the LAPD.. All the backstabbing and lying? of course he went crazy and turned on those corrupt mofos..

Im surprised more cops dont go "postal" on their co workers..
There's a commercial for a lawyer that specializes in helping cops that were in similar shoes. There's also police watch groups that are have ex cops as members.

I crack up at the attempt to picture him as a lunatic with issues, a cop with a hero complex..... Uh... That's basically a personality trait for aspiring cops! Just imagine how narcissist they become when one is above the law. They can literally kill somebody and get it covered up, or a slap in the wrist.

I'd feel entitled as well if I could break every law I've been sworn to protect and get discount on donuts.
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