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Default Re: 2013 NFL Draft Discussion

One thing that is apparent is the thought to be premier pass rushers of this draft....

Jarvis Jones
Demontre Moore

All had some interesting combines.

Jarvis Jones has the potential to fall due to a spinal condition. Some teams reportedly wouldn't pass their physical.

Demontre Moore ran a terrible time and benched a really low number and just looked bad. Didn't help that Mike Mayock kept saying he wasn't a top 10 pick.

Werner wasn't that athletic. Mayock was going at him all day saying he was a late first to early second type of talent, instead of the top 5 he has been seeing. A number of other scouts haven't been as high on Werner either, and that was pre-combine.

Mingo did himself some favors with how he ran and how fluid of an athlete he is.

Ansah did himself wonders with this combine. He ran real fast (pretty much as fast as Mingo I think) and he moved extremely well in both the Dline drills and LB drills. He's not going to get out of the top 15 now.
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