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Default Re: Best bigs defending on the perimeter? Best wings defending in the post?

Originally Posted by Harison
Jordan was even more vocal than those two, did he ran his team's defense? Not really, at least not at the level I'm talking about.

Again putting things into perspective - PGs are from the scrub level till Magic/Stockton level. They are all calling sets, are vocal, etc. Does it mean scrub = Magic? There is a wide range of leadership, regardless which side of the floor.

From watching Dream/Drob/Rodman, etc, or reading their interviews and other players testimonies, none of them stand-out as elite maestros of the D. Individually - sure, they are at All-time great level. Thats where Russell and KG are on a whole different level - they are for the D as Magic is for the O. Its THAT rare.

That is complete bs.
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