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Default Re: Phil Jackson thoughts on Dwight Howard & Lakers

Originally Posted by dd24
There's no doubt about it, if Kobe wasn't part of the team Phil wouldn't be back for just Nash & Howard. That's not a contender. Phil will only coach a true contender at this point. I can't imagine he'd want to coach a team that was just going to lose in the first round.

Sure if there's less superstars on a team, their stats go up. There's going to be a dip in stats when people team up like that. I think it's more about how they're being used than what the numbers look like though. One good example is I don't like how and when Dwight gets the ball a lot of times. I like what Phil mentioned in that article on how else Dwight could be used.

Right, touches don't mean crap if you're getting the ball in the wrong spot at the wrong time.
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