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Default Re: Mysterious Death of Elisa Lam

Originally Posted by IamRAMBO24
Carl Jung, one of the greatest and most influential psychologists in this century, did a concrete, scientific study on ghosts, so I wouldn't exactly call it "cartoonish."

Sure we don't know much about the supernatural, but our ignorance should not exclude it altogether in intellectual thought. It is a radical idea, but not everyone can be as radical, hence why he is the best and his ideas will be studied for generations straight on forward.

As for the idea of a supernatural entity in this series of events, I would say probably not. I'm sure drugs are not involved; I'm sure someone was after her, and that she was afraid, and when people panic, they do weird things; I'm also guessing the person who murdered her happen to live at the hotel to be able to avoid the camera. Also, this person seems like a stranger, someone she has never met, for her to be "overly" cautious in approaching him.

After she left the elevator, she was dragged into a room where she was raped and drugged of something that will knock her out (a toxiological report might come back positive for barbituates) and then dumped into the water bins because the murderer had no other place to dump her due to the security, front desk, and customers in the main lobby.

Just my guess using a bit of reasoning based on the known facts so far.

It is cartoonish. I don't know much about the carl Jung experiment so I won't comment, but it doesn't surprise me. People who think they saw ghosts is a real psychological phenomenon. Mostly among morons, but that's not the point.

There are no facts, because you can not prove or disprove most supernatural things that are so out there with no basis in reality that you can't even begin to test their existence. Ghosts are in the same boat as lepracahns, and if you even think theirs a chance they exist then your a ****ing idiot.
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