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Default Re: Wizards are 13-9 since Wall came back

Originally Posted by tontoz
The coach has been doing fine. He just doesn't have much to work with. What they need is a new GM.

Several recent 1st round picks are pretty much useless (Vesely, Singleton, Seraphin, Booker) while other teams are getting contributions from late 1st and 2nd round picks.

If any of their best players get hurt there is a huge dropoff.

I wanted to ask if Vesely can ever turn into a decent bench player. I still think he can. Singleton as well. Booker, I never knew was much of a problem and Seraphin looked great at the end of last year. They're not starters (maybe Singleton down the line) but they can be on a team. Maybe not all on this team tho.

A new GM, I agree with. But your coach isn't good enough. Not from anything he's shown.
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