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Default Re: The official Raptors basketball 2012-13 game thread

Originally Posted by Jballer
I get what you guys are saying... not sure I agree or disagree strongly either way.

Its just that the coaches rotations/decisions look brilliant when the team shoots 53%. The coaches rotations / decisions look assinine when the team shoots 44%.

Either way the coach doesnt shoot the ball.

No one was complaining when we beat the Knicks, Denver, etc.

Something I will lay at the door of Casey is the sustained improvement in d or lack there of. It is really fairly hard to go from (near)worst to (near) best to (really) average. Midn you this did happen in regualr - strike shortened season - now regular season. Washington has talent and some depth but they simply walked to the hoop a lot of times last night.

The media and fans layed a lot of blame at Jose and Bargnani's doorsteps but seriously this team needs to be top 10 to compete for a playoff spot in defensive efficiency.

I would assume that d efficiency will improve once Gay Klow find their rythem, and once Val and Derozan mature a bit but the coah needs to be fully accountable. I mean I think it is d efficiency that keeps earning Alan Anderson minutes in addition to his occassional hot hand...

The team is winning in spite of Casey, the games we won I really wouldn't credit him for it.
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