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Default Re: Article Request (ESPN) Are the Lakers most disappointing team all time?

Alot of variables are in play when assessing the Lakers failings. I think most people envisioned the "old" Dwight producing by this point in the season, not the still recovering subpar, lacking explosiveness Dwight. With Kobe and Nash just too old to stay in front of younger, quicker perimeter players, Dwight's impact on the defensive end is needed more than ever for LA, but he just hasn't been able to impact the game the same way this year.

That's just one of many issues surrounding the team, like injuries and team chemistry that has been hard to build as quick as many thought due to these injuries and conflicting personalities. Change in coach, from one incompetent coach to another. Another year of below average contributions from role players and the bench. Just many things. But defense, that's been the constant issue from Day 1.

If the Lakers want to come back next year recharged, they will need to have a change in personality, personnel, and philosophy. Mitch has to find a way to fully maximize the talents of his roster, even if it means stripping D'Antoni of his coaching responsibilities.
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