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Default Re: Scottie Pippen on LeBron/Jordan

Originally Posted by jstern
Jordan had the ultimate alpha male mentality. He was above normal in that sense, but people who never watch Jordan play during his career are going to view Pippen's comment as a put down to Lebron, because they're going to view Jordan's mentality in the same level as other superstars, rather than a super obsessive competitive, will play and win with the flu kind of guy.

Since a lot of people say that Lebron is mentally weak, those who didn't watch Jordan play are going to think that Pippen is saying that Lebron is mentally weak.

So Pippen saying that Lebron doesn't have that Im gonna kill my opponent or die trying ultra compettive mentality like Jordan and Kobe (he used tthose 2 players as examples) isnt a little jab?

Considering if Lebron did have that mentality he'd probrably be goat
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