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Default Re: Scottie Pippen on LeBron/Jordan

Originally Posted by TheMan
Yea, looks like LBJ is finally getting the mental part down going by what he did last season but he wasn't born with it like MJ or Kobe and he could still relapse, we'll see how it plays out the rest of his career.
He relapsed just a week ago. Called out in front of all his elite peers, Kobe punked him in front of the WORLD. And he didn't even go back at him.

I don't care if it's preseason, practice, NBA Finals, All Star Game, Olympic Games, or even pickup.

If you have any sort of personal pride in your game, and integrity, you go back at someone saying you're going to bust them back on the floor. Bron ceded to Kobe, and even looked shook again.

So stunned by consecutive blocks, watch his body language. Dude didn't even get back on defense. And it isn't an issue of not trying while Kobe was guarding him, or before. Because he was trying to will the East team back into contention. The way he's had to do in 2011, 2012 All Star Games.

It was another relapse of weak mentality and intangibles.


But as for this dude Pippen,

Either he has collective amnesia of playing with MJ.

Or he's trying to be a hype man for the current league, to gain positional authority to recuperate all the ATROCIOUS financial losses he suffered in the late 90s and early to mid 2000s through horrific investments

Or is it possible that this is a look inside of Pippen, possible deep seeded resentment towards MJ. Propping up a player more similar to himself, after all LeBron is basically super Pippen.

Pippen also used to hate on Kobe on the low with comments during telecasts, possibly due to his connection as apprentice to MJ, and the similarities between the two. And we all know Kobe always got the best of Pip either in Houston or Portland (with the exception of one game)

There is no other explanations. It's odd than in two years ... Pippen, teammate of the best ever who basically molded him into the player he was and lead him to 6 rings, prematurely labeled LeBron as the greatest of all time and better than MJ.

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