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Default Re: The official Raptors basketball 2012-13 game thread

Originally Posted by lilbeastnani
Agreed. We are winning games in spite of Casey. I can think back to a miracle fadeaway by Derozan or Rudy going beast Mode, or a running hook shot over a center by our 6'0 pg, or Alan Anderson/JL3 becoming the second coming of Ray Allen. So many bailout games and bailout wins. He doesn't look geniuis when we win and stupid when we lose. He looks exactly the same. If we had a coach like Greg Popovic, we would actually be good at winning those tight games on a consistent basis because of much better execution and playcalling as well as better defense and sub rotations.

You forgot to mention winning a game because Indiana just carelessly threw the ball away at the end of the game.

Chalk me up as someone who doesn't see the strategy of "have a shitty 4th quarter due to bad rotations and poor playcalling from timeouts then hope Rudy can iso FTW" as a sign of a great coach. And really, is the bar so low in Raptorland that just having the team mostly playing hard is good enough?
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