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Default Re: 2012/13 Observation Deck

Originally Posted by KG215
I don't remember saying anything bout UConn during the summer or leading up to the season. And what top 10 teams have you beat convincingly? The 8 point win over Syracuse? That was still very much a game until the lat 5 minutes or so. I mean it's not like UConn led by 15+ the whole second half. It was less than a 10 point game until late in the game.

And Napier is having a very good season, but historic? And he's not an NPOY candidate. Not a serious one anyway.


Due to shabbaz:

UConn In Big east games:

#2 in scoring at 71.4 PPG
#3 in FG% at 44.8% (338/755)
#1 FT% at 75.9%
#1 3PT FG% at 38.8% (104/268)
Tied #2 A/TO
#1 TS%
#2 eFG%

#3 in 3PT FG% defense at 29.8%
#4 SPG at 7.1


Andre Drummond- NBA
Alex Oriakhi- Missouri (he will be drafted late this year)
Jeremy Lamb- NBA
Michael Bradley- transfer
Roscoe Smith- transfer
Enosch Wolf- Suspension (recently, we didn't have him for Syracuse)

So beating AP teams after losing 6 critical pieces of your team doesn't make you one of the best players in the country? Not a mention for NPOY?

Napier is 8 for 12 on threes in five overtimes. He's 20 of 22 at the free-throw line. Find better OT stats, he outfights teams full of fresh recruits and NBA prospects and has us as a top 5 team in our conference....

This season isn't historic? Find 3 cases of a player with no post season and 6 missing pieces of elite talent winning like this and motivating his team to play like this simply for the love of the game. find ANY case and I'll maybe consider seeing this season as not historic
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