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Default Re: Lebron Matchup's

If Lebron wanted to he could dominate all 5 positions, easily. 70% of Lebron playing Center >>>> the likes Marc Gasol, Gasol can't even do cool acrobatics like Lebron. Lebron could play Pf and average 30 & 14 a game easily. He shys away from grabbing to many boards so that he doesn't upset his pat staddigng teammates in Bosh & Wade. But he easily could have if he wanted to.

In 2011 he fooled his team by allowing them to think that Jason Kidd, Marion and Terry could get the best of him, this was Lebron's way of showing his team that they can't win if he doesn't want them to win, and I believe this was in response to Wade selfishly trying to out perform Lebron in that series.

Really though Lebron can guard 1-3 very well and can play in the post for a possession or two against average bigman and have success.

But he ain't guarding the Dirks, Duncan's, Bynums on a regular basis and having success.
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