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Default Re: Lebron Matchup's

Originally Posted by Bandito
Didn't I say LeStans are as annoying and unknowledgeable about basketball as Kobe fans? Did I call it or did I call it?

Originally Posted by Jameerthefear
Lebron can't play center or guard them either. I hate this myth Lebron stans have put out. The most he can do to guard a center is to deny the ball.

Come on guys Segatti understood the question.
RoundmoundOfRebound understood the question.

I Said OUTPLAY. Jameer, the center on your team, would absolutely get destroyed by Lebron. It would be a joke of monumental proportions. He might have trouble guarding Vucevic but Vucevic has no chance of outplaying him. Now your old center he could be one of the nine if he was healthy.

Bandito, don't try to call people unknowledgable (that's an oxymoron) when you have reading issues. And obviously, vocabulary issues.
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