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Default Re: Lebron Matchup's

Originally Posted by scm5
Lebron can play 1-4 as well as anyone in the NBA.... but 5?!

That is a huge stretch, and the only reason why it's even being entertained is because we're currently in an era where the Center position is by far, the weakest position in the league. It's even being predicted that the Center position might be replaced by just running another forward.

Yeah that's part of the equation. He can easily outplay guys that don't have any strong suites. If the center has no post game there is no way to offset Lebron's speed and quickness on the other end. The player who out plays him has to have some offensive game cause Lebron's going to be a handfull at the other end. Younger Duncan would just go to the post all day. He would play off of Lebron on the other end but Lebron is hitting his jumpers as of late.
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