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Default Re: Lebron Matchup's

Originally Posted by tmacattack33
First of all, Lebron could officially play at center, and then proceed to do whatever the F he wanted to on offense...there is no rule that says a center can't work out on the perimeter.

So, to make this conversation meaninfgul, let's assume when we put Lebron at a certain position, we are going to force him to play like what is expected of that position.

And if we do that, Lebron would be:

PG: Number one or second best behind CP3

SG: Number one

SF: Number one

PF: Behind Aldridge and Kevin Love

C: Behind M. Gasol, Tim Duncan, Garnett, and a healthy Bynum and healthy Dwight

Yes, thanks tmacattack33 that's what "outplay them at their position means."

Good list.

I had Aldridge because he's more versatile than people give him credit for. He can run too. If Lebron gets on his horse it's really going to eliminate centers from the discussion. So if the current team has fast guards just put that into the equation.
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