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Default Re: Lebron Matchup's

Originally Posted by tmacattack33
First of all, Lebron could officially play at center, and then proceed to do whatever the F he wanted to on offense...there is no rule that says a center can't work out on the perimeter.

So, to make this conversation meaninfgul, let's assume when we put Lebron at a certain position, we are going to force him to play like what is expected of that position.

And if we do that, Lebron would be:

PG: Number one or second best behind CP3

SG: Number one

SF: Number one

PF: Behind Aldridge and Kevin Love

C: Behind M. Gasol, Tim Duncan, Garnett, and a healthy Bynum and healthy Dwight

So Lebron would be a top 3 PF & a top 5 center?

You really think he's going to protect the paint on defense??

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