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The Cavs messed up in signing Z to such a ridiculous contract. LH is not the problem. The guy missed the majority of the season and then had his brother die in middle of the playoffs. I'm willing to cut him some slack. Remember... the Cavs were 18-10 and playing their best basketball of the season before LH had the surgery. I still believe that, with a PG with range, LH could be an asset to this team.

Z is the problem. 4 years, 55 million? That is way too much for a guy that doesn't fit the team at all.

On the bright side, the Cavs had a great draft, imo. Both Brown and Gibson could be future starters and they fit Bron's style very well. Saying that the Cavs aren't going to come close to a title in the next 6 years based on their current roster doesn't make much sense. That is a LONG time and A LOT of things can happen. Besides, it isn't as though the Cavs are horrible. They did win 50 games and took the Pistons to 7 games (almost beat them in Game 6). They really aren't THAT far off.

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