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Default Re: Mysterious Death of Elisa Lam

Originally Posted by daily
None of the water tanks had locks on them. Don't even have hasps to allow a lock to be put on them. See the photos taken by the chinese gentleman that posted all the pics and videos from his investigation

btw that's her foot in the video

Ok my bad, not the lock on the water bin but according to LAPD:

LAPD Sgt. Rudy Lopez said anyone could have opened the tanks, but access to "the roof is secured with an alarm, and a lock, and a key to the door access."

What is your theory. She's now working maintenance at the Cecil hotel. Doesn't make any sense how she could even make her way to the roof.

Btw, play the video frame by frame from 2:27-2:30 and stop being so generic.

That is not her foot. Period.
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