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Default Re: Midseason Adjustments

Originally Posted by DKLaker
Do you realize that our coach has always said that he HATES the post game......he DOES NOT want them to do, I do, but the coach says hell don't blame anyone on the team for that.

The coach says he wants a steady stream of 3's without even hesitating.....that is 'Antoni ball and I hate it!!!!!

The first several games he coached LA, he wanted them to run, run, run, berated Pau for lack of conditioning, he also tried to use 2 PGs including Darius Morris at the same time. None is happening right now, leading me to believe he can adapt. WE all believed that he doesn' care about defense and yet the past 6-7 weeks during interviews, he is stressing defense is very vital for their success...If he didn't care about defense, it would make sense to bench Metta and prefer Pau over Dwight when Gasol was healthy.
Do I like D'Antoni? Heck no. But again, Im still not convinced that this guy is totally stupid.
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