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Default Re: Mysterious Death of Elisa Lam

Originally Posted by Is He Ill
IMO, in no point in the video does it seem like she is panicking. When she hides in the upper right corner of the elevator, it seems like she heard a door open on the right side of the hall. The bathroom is located to the right, so the noise could have been somebody exiting the bathroom. I read somewhere that the people staying on the first 5 floors are not allowed to go on the higher floors. If that's the case, she wasn't supposed to be on the 14th floor in the first place. This video is recorded when the elevator was on the 14th floor and her room is located on the 4th. She didn't want to get caught on the floor, but it didn't seem like she was scared for her life. When she puts her hands on her head and reenters the elevator, she looks frustrated, not frightened. To me, the weird hand movement was either her way of relieving her frustrations, or her attempting to communicate that the elevator was not working to someone that was standing on the right side of the hall. I think she eventually ran into someone in the stairway that was responsible for her murder. I don't think she put herself in the tank.

The hand communication is a form of sign language. She is talking to a guy on the right who could possibly be 1. Deaf or 2. Not responding to her thus she is finding every means to communicate. She does this gesture in the video That is a "friend" response so it is a fact she is using sign language and not just whacked out of her mind.
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