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Default Re: Mysterious Death of Elisa Lam

Originally Posted by Done_And_Done
Any confirmation released regarding substance use yet? I work at a detoxification centre so you can say that I'm pretty damn familiar with your typical signs of intoxication/inebriation...

I don't necessarily get the vibe that she's fearful of her surroundings but her odd activity doesn't appear to be acted out in a state of sobriety...

The repetitive pressing of almost every button, the peering out the elevator, the bizarre hand and arm movements...

Sad + eerie stuff nonetheless...

She looks pretty normal to me. I know when a person is high. I have a few black friends. You can tell by their eyes and the face if they are red, glazed, or puffy. Her coordination seems perfectly fine and as I already have explained, she is pressing the buttons to buy time. Have you ever been on an elevator and all the buttons are pressed. It takes a damn long time to get to your floor right, so my guess is she got chased and decided to press all the buttons so the elevator will take a long time getting back to the floor she is on.
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